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Review: W.L. Weller 12 Years Old (2018)

2018-03-23 10:00:31

Van Winkle bourbons have become essentially inaccessible to the vast majority of bourbon drinkers, so naturally the hysteria has trickled down to other brands in the Buffalo Trace portfolio. The Welle


Review: NV Bollinger Special Cuvee and Rose Champagne

2018-03-23 05:30:25

Since 1829, Bollinger has been producing champagne, with a specific focus on using grapes from its own vineyards (estate grapes account for 60% of the total grape supply), and a heavy use throughout t


Tasting Report: 2016 Burgundy, Part 2

2018-03-22 10:02:48

As promised, today we take another look at the 2016 Burgundy vintage, which is now on the cusp of general release. This tasting considers the 2016 wines of Bouchard Pere & Fils and William Fevre (whic


Review: 2015 Stony Hill Chardonnay Spring Mountain District

2018-03-22 05:00:10

This atypical Napa chardonnay is dialed back on the nose (it’s aged only in neutral oak, limiting the wood influence), some savory notes finding a companion in light melon and gentle floral tones. The


Review: Vinn Distillery Vodka, Baijiu, Whiskey, and Blackberry Liqueur

2018-03-21 10:15:13

Vinn Distillery is a family-owned distiller based in Wilsonville, Oregon, where it makes all of its products from non-GMO rice. That includes vodka, whiskey, baijiu, and a blackberry liqueur. How far


Review: Proud Pour 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and 2014 Pinot Noir

2018-03-21 05:30:16

Over time, one becomes naturally skeptical when booze brands say they are doing something good for humanity. Whether it is saving tigers or supporting veterans, you get positively exhausted by all the


Review: Proof Traditional Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

2018-03-20 10:16:26

Proof is a new brand of cocktail syrups, ranging from steadfast (Traditional) to oddball (Maple Bacon), made by a bartender-led crew based in Decatur, Georgia. The collection is designed to go beyond


Tasting Report: WhiskyLIVE Washington DC 2018

2018-03-19 22:01:02

Whiskey festivals come in all shapes and sizes, but WhiskyLIVE consistently produces a very approachable event for a fan at any stage in their whiskey obsession. There’s a good balance of offerings fr


Review: Cotswolds Single Malt Whiskey

2018-03-19 11:00:40

Cotswolds is an area in southern England, and while one might think this is gin country, a distillery has popped up (in 2014) that is also producing single malt whisky. Says the distillery, “The first


Review: New Belgium Tartastic Raspberry Lime Ale

2018-03-19 06:30:21

New Belgium’s latest into its semi-sour fruit beer line, Tartastic, turns to that trusty combination of raspberries and lime. The results are short of impressive, though those looking for an alternati


Review: Hangar 1 Rose Vodka

2018-03-18 10:30:23

Who says there’s no innovation in the world of vodka besides simply dumping in random flavorings until something that tastes like a Jamba Juice comes out? Hangar 1 Rose is a bit of a new animal: Hanga


Review: Craft Distillers Low Gap 2 Year Old Rye (2018)

2018-03-18 01:30:18

Last encountered in 2015, Craft Distillers’ Low Gap Rye was at the time a two-year old whiskey that didn’t seem to be getting any older. As a matter of fact, distiller Crispin Cain is out with a new v


Is This the World’s Best Irish Coffee Recipe?

2018-03-17 11:30:30

Irish coffee is one of those special occasion cocktails that rarely seems like the correct thing to order — but when it does, it hits the spot perfectly. Seeing as today is St. Patrick’s Day, the occa


2018 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

2018-03-16 23:30:24

Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is time for some hearty food and drink. Preparing it doesn’t have to keep you in the kitchen or bar area for long. Try out these cocktails along with our


Review: Southern Grace Distilleries Conviction Small Batch Bourbon

2018-03-16 11:16:45

Southern Grace Distilleries is a relatively new craft distillery housed in a former North Carolina prison. That’s right. A prison. In late 2016 the distillery released its first small batch bourbon, a


Review: 2015 Simonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut Rose

2018-03-16 06:00:38

I promise there are no typos in the headline to this review. “Kaapse Vonkel” is the name given to all of Simonsig’s sparkling wines, though I remain unclear as to what specifically the phrase refers.


Review: The Street Pumas Vodka, Gin, and Rum

2018-03-15 11:45:30

Now here’s something unique in the world of spirits: The Street Pumas line of liquors combines imported spirits with… wait for it… comic strips. While we’re primarily known for hyper-specific, luxury


Review: NV Gustave Lorentz Cremant d’Alsace Brut Rose

2018-03-15 02:15:11

Cremant d’Alsace is a perennially underrated sparkling wine, and Gustave Lorentz’s rose bottling is a clear indicator of why you should be drinking more of it. Creamier than Prosecco and drier than Ca


Review: J. Mossman Blended Scotch 12 Years Old, 15 Years Old, and 18 Years Old

2018-03-14 12:00:10

That packaging… it’s almost too much. As if it’s designed to distract you from thinking about the whisky inside, right? Well, rest assured that although these three new releases from new brand J. Moss


Recipe: Lion’s Tail (Corrected)

2018-03-14 02:45:05

I came across the Lion’s Tail cocktail in a recent Punch article, and after mixing one up I had to agree with commenters that the recipe was way out of balance as published. No matter: A little tinker


Review: King Floyd’s Bitters – Orange, Aromatic, and Cardamom – and Rim Salts

2018-03-13 12:01:00

My sleepy burg of Novato, California is home to a surprising operation: King Floyd’s, which produces both artisanal bitters as well as a couple of tins of rimming salts. The company was kind enough to


Review: Mixallogy Cocktail Mixers

2018-03-13 06:45:42

The world of powdered cocktial mixers continues its march into the market. The latest comes from an outfit called Mixallogy, which uses USDA certified organic ingredients as the basis for three single


Review: Chapter 7 Allt-a-Bhainne 9 Years Old and Aultmore 9 Years Old

2018-03-12 10:15:38

We last wrote about the Swiss brand Chapter 7, a newer independent bottler of single malt Scotch, in mid-2017. Now the outfit has released two new releases in the U.S., both single cask bottlings offe


Review: NV Pata Negra Cava Organic

2018-03-12 05:15:31

J. Garcia Carrion is the producer of Pata Negra, a typical expression of 100% macabeo grapes that happen to be organic. Crisp apple and pear, plus a touch of cinnamon, are clear signposts en route to


Revisiting the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, 2018

2018-03-11 11:15:52

Back in 2011, I took my first trip to Kentucky, endeavoring to visit every distillery that was open to visitors at the time. Since then, a lot has changed, as bourbon mania has led in turn to bourbon


Review: 2016 Luca Bosio Moscato d’Asti DOCG

2018-03-11 06:45:11

A typical expression of moscato, lightly frizzante, with heavy notes of apricots, peaches, and some sweet apple candy. A significant honey influence gives the wine a little more to work with in the bo


A Visit to Taft’s Ale House, Cincinnati

2018-03-10 13:15:37

You’ll find Taft’s Ale House in the Over-the-Rhine District of Cincinnati, Ohio, a region still grappling with its rapid gentrification, a place where burned-out buildings will dominate one block, chi


Bar Review: Reserve 101, Houston

2018-03-10 05:15:12

You’ll find Reserve 101 across the street from the House of Blues in downtown Houston, right on the corner, where the HoB’s enormous neon sign blares through the window. It might be enough to distract


Review: Old Fitzgerald Bourbon and Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon

2018-03-09 13:16:18

Old Fitzgerald is one of the more storied brands in bourbon history. First produced in 1870, it became a wheated bourbon only after being acquired by Pappy Van Winkle after Prohibition. The brand was


Review: Yee Haw Dunkel and Pale Ale

2018-03-09 05:00:23

Yee Haw describes itself as “Fine Southern Beer,” brewed in Johnson City, Tennessee. Recently it introduced cans to its operation for the first time, and today we look at two of its most popular beers


Review: Aermoor Vodka

2018-03-08 13:30:25

Hailing from Hilton Head Distillery in South Carolina, Aermoor’s claim to fame is that it is “the world’s first cloud-sourced vodka.” What’s that mean? Says the company, “It is proofed using water fro


Review: 2016 Vino dei Fratelli Prosecco DOC

2018-03-08 05:15:47

It’s simple Prosecco, sure, but sometimes that’s what the day calls for. Fratelli’s rendition of the Italian sparkler is at first fresh and dry, but it ultimately takes a turn toward both a gooier con


Tasting Report: 2016 Burgundy, Part 1

2018-03-07 10:31:10

Frederick Wildman has one of the most discriminating and complete portfolios of imported wine, so when Wildman throws an event showcasing its impending release of Burgundy — a wine for which the compa


Review: 2016 Paringa Sparkling Shiraz

2018-03-07 05:45:11

Seldom seen in this part of this world is this oddity, the sparkling red wine. As with sparkling whites, it is intended to be served chilled, which makes for a doubly disarming experience — a cold red


Review: Barrell Whiskey Batch 5

2018-03-06 10:45:37

The folks at Louisville-based Barrell continue to crank out spirits — having moved on from solely bottling bourbon to now making blended whiskey, rye, and rum. Batch #5 carries a 9 year old age statem


Review: NV Toso Brut Argentina

2018-03-06 06:15:07

This nonvintage, low-alcohol (12%) from Pascual Toso is a simple sparkler made from Argentine Chardonnay grapes. Fairly yeasty, with dialed-back fruit, it does let some baked apple notes push through,


How to ‘Premiumize’ Your Whisky Brand, in 10 Easy Steps!

2018-03-05 11:15:38

Marketing is one of the many tools for Premiumization Sales flagging? Running out of quality stock? Desperate to push prices up even higher? Here’s our 10-step plan to get you to the world of ultra-pr


Review: Kona Brewing Co. Longboard Lager, Hanalei IPA, and Big Wave Ale

2018-03-05 06:15:46

Kona Brewing Company is probably the best-known brewery in Hawaii, with more and more of its brews becoming available in the mainland. Today we look at three of its most widely-available bottlings. Ko


Review: Conncullin Irish Gin

2018-03-04 12:15:34

Connacht is best known as a whiskey distillery in County Mayo, Ireland, but it also produces one of the country’s handful of gins, known as Conncullin. This pot distilled gin doesn’t disclose all of i


Review: Stolichnaya Stoli Gold Edition Vodka

2018-03-03 13:02:17

Stolichnaya Gold — “Stoli Gold” — is a small step up from standard Stolichnaya (and not nearly as pricy as Stoli Elit), and recently the brand redesigned its packaging — and its production process. Th


Review: Offshoot Beer Co. Relax [It’s Just a Hazy IPA]

2018-03-03 04:30:26

As the name suggests, Offshoot Beer Co. started as a side project for another brewery, the Bruery, based in Orange County, California. What makes this hop-focused side project surprising is that the B


Review: Tincup American Whiskey 10 Years Old

2018-03-02 13:02:06

Deja vu? You bet, but while this new release of Tincup American Whiskey comes in the same bottle as the original, you’ll know the difference by the new, black cup. To refresh your memory, Tincup is ma


Review: Crispin Rose Hard Cider

2018-03-02 04:30:39

You’ve got rose wine, why not rose cider? That’s the thinking anyway behind Crispin’s latest, a new year-round cider that is made from “real rose petals, hibiscus, and an elegant blend of fresh-presse


A Visit to Alameda Island Brewing Co.

2018-03-01 11:31:01

Established in 2015, Alameda Island Brewing Company is the third brewery in this small suburb of Oakland, California, where a naval base moved out and legions of hipsters moved in. Here you’ll find on


Review: Two Angels 2017 Sauvignon Blanc and 2015 Petite Sirah

2018-03-01 06:00:50

A quick look at a few straightforward wines from Two Angels, sourced from California’s Lake County district. 2017 Two Angels High Valley Sauvignon Blanc – Initially quite tropical, with a surprising p


Review: Glenmorangie Spios

2018-02-28 11:15:06

Always an exciting part of the beginning of the year, Glenmorangie’s latest Private Edition release is upon us. For 2018, it’s Glenmorangie Spìos (Scots Gaelic for ‘spice’ and pronounced ‘spee-oss’),


Review: Allagash Map 40

2018-02-28 02:00:28

Portland, Maine is one of the most brewery-rich cities in the country, currently boasting 17 breweries despite a modest population of 66,000. One of the oldest and most respected of the city’s breweri


Review: Cruzan Light Rum 5 Years Old, Dark Rum 5 Years Old, Black Strap Rum, and Single Barrel Rum (2018)

2018-02-27 11:15:42

We’ve been covering Cruzan Rum pretty much since the beginning of Drinkhacker, to the point where its products have been a reliable constant on the site. Now Cruzan — following some nasty devastation


Review: A Trio of Pineau des Charentes – Tiffon, Reviseur, and Chateau de Beaulon

2018-02-27 02:00:34

Pineau des Charentes is perhaps the most unique “wine” you’ll ever encounter — in part because there’s actually no wine in it. What’s Pineau? Pineau des Charentes hails from the Cognac region of Franc


Review: Mad River Hopscotch Vermont Single Malt Whiskey

2018-02-26 11:15:17

Warren, Vermont-based Mad River Distillers makes some interesting rum products that we’ve previously reviewed, but it has recently stepped into whiskey, including rye and bourbon. Today we look at Hop